• The Importance Of Lawn Care When Selling Your Home

    May 31, 2015 | Blog | wpadmin
  • Every wall is pristine clean with all cupboards, floors and cabinets free from dust. The floor looks immaculate and extra glossy coats of paint have been added to the exterior walls. Your home is now ready to sell and you sit down proudly waiting for the estate agent to fetch your asking price. Yet months pass and your magnificent home has not been sold. There has been only minor levels of interest and perhaps a bid or two way below the asking price.

    Puzzled, you ask your agent what is wrong only to discover the answer has been staring you in the face all along. Your lawn is unkempt and its disheveled look has completely undermined all the good work you have done on all other aspects of the home. The lawn is the first thing a prospective buyer will see. Invest some time, effort and money into landscaping your lawn and watch interest increase.

    Financial And Health Benefits Of Lawns
    A beautifully maintained front lawn holds many advantages for potential buyers. Plants improve the quality of the air with energy efficiency and reduction in pollution other well known benefits. Indeed, a well-landscaped lawn can even act as something of a sound barrier with the flora absorbing sound waves. There are also health benefits attached to owning a fantastic lawn. Natural surroundings imbue people with a sense of calm. Even the act of tending to the lawn is a great stress reliever.

    Therefore, it is unsurprising to find an array of statistics detailing the importance of maintaining a lawn when trying to sell a home. A landscaped patio puts an average of 12% on to the value of a home. The resale value of a landscaped property increases its value by around 14%. This essentially means that a $300,000 home will be worth an extra $42,000 with a landscaped lawn. Properties with exquisite lawns are sold an average of 6 weeks faster than homes lacking this touch of class.

    As a guide, spend approximately 5% of the property’s value on landscaping. If your property is worth $400,000, $20,000 spent on your lawn could improve the value of your home by 14% or $56,000. This results in a profit of $36,000. It should also be noted that up to 20% can be saved on cooling and heating bills through strategic placing of plants in a garden.

    Tending To And Creating A Lawn To Admire
    You could take care of the basics of watering and fertilizing in order to save some money. A lawn should be watered once a week with 2 inches of water covering it in total. Fertilizers should be applied in early fall or at the beginning of winter. The fertilizer should contain phosphorous, potassium and nitrogen as these are the three most important nutrients for lawn care.

    All other aspects of landscaping are best performed by professionals. They will be able to choose the correct plants as well as creating and installing a stunning design. If you are looking to increase the value of your property with a new lawn, no half measures should be taken. If you take shortcuts, the lawn will not turn out to be the masterpiece it can be and you will lose money on the sale of your property.